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We make it easier to provide the preventive care benefits of DNA testing to your patients.

Our philosophy makes us different

At Counsyl, we strive to put patients first, put clinicians in control, and put costs in their place.

Counsyl partners with healthcare providers to enable broader access to genetic screening. From pre-test education to post-test support, we partner with you to make genetic testing accessible for all patients who can benefit.

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Insight over information

We believe in delivering actionable insights, not just data.

We know your time is precious. So we want to give you concise and useful information you can act on for maximum patient benefit.

To that end, we’ve created panels with actionable information about serious diseases, informative pre and post-test patient education videos, easy to understand lab reports, and hired over 40 genetic counselors to help you interpret and explain results.

On-demand or scheduled counseling is available for all patients, because we believe every patient should understand the meaning of their results.

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The Counsyl Experience

Workflow over workload

We believe a more efficient practice leads to better care.

Much of the testing process has nothing to do with the test itself. And most of the burden falls on you and your team.

We help streamline the administrative work associated with testing. The Counsyl Experience means end-to-end support for your practice at every step of the testing process, to seamlessly integrate testing into your practice's workflow.

We can integrate with your EMR, submit prior authorizations, and document all patient interactions in a secure online portal — enabling you and your staff to spend more time focused on patient care.

Reliant Cancer Screen Sample cost estimate

Sample cost estimate
for the Reliant Cancer Screen.

Care over cost

We believe in better outcomes at lower overall costs.

Our Counsyl Access Program helps to ensure that you can deliver the highest standard of care to all of your patients.

Our extensive insurance network means the majority of your patients will be covered, and financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Our simple and transparent process takes the burden of billing off of your plate, so you can focus on care.

Learn more about how Counsyl has your patients and your practice covered.

Our Research

Scientific rigor

Counsyl is committed to sharing insights with the scientific and medical communities. Our experts frequently present at clinical conferences and publish data in major medical journals.

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The Lab

Relentless precision

We built the world’s most advanced clinical genomics lab to make DNA testing more accessible. Our automated, next-generation sequencing lab with real-time curation runs 24/7. It enables us to make high-quality DNA testing affordable, with quick turnaround times.

Take a behind the scenes look into our one-of-a-kind lab.

Read more about how we're reinventing the clinical lab

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See if Counsyl is right for your practice

Every practice is different. Let us know you’re interested in learning more about how to integrate Counsyl screening into your practice's workflow and we will reach out to you directly.

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