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Counsyl Foresight™ Carrier Screen: Utmost confidence in every result

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The Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen has been methodically designed to maximize detection of at-risk couples for serious, prevalent, and clinically-actionable diseases.

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The Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen


Learn about Counsyl's latest advancement in carrier screening – the Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen.

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  • A panel with purpose: unmatched detection of serious disorders

    The Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen is methodically designed to maximize at-risk couple detection for serious, clinically actionable, and prevalent diseases.

  • Seamless practice support with Counsyl Complete™

    Counsyl Complete offers a comprehensive suite of support services designed to streamline and enhance practice workflow at every stage of genetic testing.

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    Expanded Carrier Screening

    Elevate quality of care by offering expanded carrier screening to all patients regardless of family history or ethnicity.

A panel with purpose: unmatched detection of serious disorders

The true goal of carrier screening is to detect at-risk couples of serious diseases. That’s why we’ve designed the Foresight Carrier Screen to maximize detection rates for the diseases that matter the most. Selecting a lab that enables you to offer the best test while streamlining the work associated with detecting more carriers allows you to confidently integrate expanded carrier screening into your practice.

Rigorous disease selection

Focusing on 175+ serious, clinically-actionable, and prevalent conditions ensures you are providing meaningful information to your patients.
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Superior technology

Unmatched detection rates for the vast majority of genes on our panel means you can trust both positive and negative results.

Practice workflow support with Counsyl Complete™

Whether it’s automated results reporting and tracking, merged reports for couples, or on-demand genetic counseling, we support your practice where you need it.

About the Foresight Carrier Screen

Diseases covered

175+ serious inherited conditions

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Who to screen

Men and women planning to start a family

Sample type

4mL blood, or saliva sample


Full-exon sequencing

Turnaround time

Results in 2 weeks on average

Prioritizing clinical significance in panel design

The Foresight Carrier Screen is designed to maximize detection rates for the diseases that matter the most. Our experts evaluated >650 genes based on strict criteria in an effort to produce not simply more, but meaningful clinical information.

Read more about our systematic panel design in Genetics in Medicine.

Maximizing detection rates through technology

High detection rates are the product of four key methodologies:

Full-exon sequencing provides a significant advantage over targeted sequencing.

Custom assays for prevalent, technically-challenging, difficult-to-sequence genes like 21-hydroxylase-deficient congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) substantially boosts at-risk couple detection.

Panel-wide deletion calling with select duplication calling for certain prevalent conditions to further boost sensitivity.

Real-time curation combines automation with manual investigation to classify variants.

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Seamless practice support with Counsyl Complete™

Selecting a lab that enables you to offer the best test while streamlining the work associated with detecting more carriers allows you to confidently integrate expanded carrier screening into your practice.


We make it easy to qualify, educate, and order testing for your patients.

  • Patient education resources
  • Flexible ordering (EMR, Portal, Paper)


We strive to make screening accessible for all patients who need it.


We automate results delivery and follow up with patients to save your practice time.

  • Customizable results delivery options
  • Online results for patients and providers
  • Complete documentation of all activity
  • Merged reports for couples


Our board-certified genetic counselors are available on-demand for all patients to ensure results are understood.

  • Scheduled or on-demand counseling for all patients
  • Genetic counselors available for provider consultation

Elevate quality of care with expanded carrier screening (ECS)

Carrier screening is used to identify couples who are at risk of passing inherited disorders to their children. Traditionally, carrier screening has been offered to patients based on their ethnic background or family history.

However, this approach can miss couples at risk of having a pregnancy affected by a genetic disease.

Let’s make Expanded Carrier Screening (ECS) routine practice

In 2017, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) recognized expanded carrier screening as an acceptable screening strategy. Offering ECS routinely, regardless of family history or reported ethnicity, improves outcomes for all patients.

In fact, the total risk of serious disorders identified through ECS is higher than the incidence of routinely screened for conditions.

Kerri, David, and their daughter Logan, Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen patients
The Foresight Carrier Screen gives you information that’s really important to the future of your family.Kerri B. (pictured with husband David)
Mother to Logan and Counsyl Foresight Carrier Screen patient
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