The clinical lab, reinvented

Our robotic lab

Scientists at Counsyl make custom-built robots to turn blood and saliva samples into purified DNA. These samples come from men and women across the globe. The robots can analyze thousands of DNA samples at the same time, and can work nonstop seven days a week.

How we build

When we started Counsyl, we realized that in order to marry high-quality data with affordability, we would have to build our own laboratory. So that’s what we did. Counsyl's robots are integrated and entirely automated with custom-built software to perform very specific tasks. What we can’t buy, we make ourselves with tools like 3D printers. Counsyl is a team of problem-solvers: robotic arms used by automakers have been reconfigured to move trays of samples quickly and reliably, custom test tube racks are 3D printed, and precision automation developed for the semiconductor industry handles individual patient samples tracked in real time by laser engraved 2D barcodes.

Quality control

We continuously test every machine, and have a team of robotics experts to troubleshoot and ensure the highest quality data output. As a technology company, we believe in constant innovation and are regularly testing out new designs and methodologies to improve our analytic capabilities. This process of continuous innovation has created an automated laboratory unlike any other in the world. In fact, Counsyl has been recognized by Scientific American as one of the Top Ten World-Changing Ideas.